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A heliograph tempestuously at play.

Jones 593
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Well...me, then. Bibliophile and scribbler fuelled chiefly by caffeine and nicotine. Live with one cat (a psychotic & furry Napoleon).

I have a degree in English and work in the publishing industry. Am attempting to get a career as an author off the ground; so far, this isn't on the runway yet. In fact, it's not even out of the garage as yet (but I'm metaphorically situated under it, covered in oil and wielding a spanner whilst cursing, so there's always hope).

I daresay I'll eventually get around to scribbling a proper bio, but against that day...in no particular order, I will stake my tattered flag in the following handy labels: Trotskyist Marxist, radical Catholic, historical battle re-enactor (English Civil War Parliamentarian musketeer, French Napoleonic fusilier), butch bisexual, artist (of sorts), Holmesian, historical militaria enthusiast, anti-war activist, feminist, Linux-tinkerer, writer, viola player, slashfic aficionado, sci-fi fan.

I also enjoy folk music, and blowing things up with gunpowder; occasionally simultaneously. :)

Do friend if you would like to.

My Sherlock Holmes fan work, a small but steadily growing archive of fic, art, etc. Fiction archived at jezail_bullet

Text in my journal's header image is from Rudyard Kipling's A Code of Morals. If you want to snag any of my account userpics, then just ask (most of them are available for adoption), and I'll most likely say yes. [If the art or icon is credited to someone else, however, then please ask them rather than me.]



To Sherlock Holmes, Wilde was the dramaturge with all that gorgeous blue china, God bless him.
~London Cabbie, Holmesian.net

During World War II, Britain shipped, by weight, more tea to her troops than anything save bullets. Small arms ammunition, that is: the British army consumed more tea than artillery shells. By weight.

Contemporary soldier Spike Milligan observed that they were damn lucky that Rommel never tried baiting minefields with tea...
~Spot Of Tea, TV Tropes

It is not a good idea to rest your hopes for the next generation on what they choose for Halloween costumes. While I knew that the boys probably wouldn’t all end up being mass murderers and leaders of evil space empires, I couldn't help but feel dismayed about the number of princesses and ballerinas I was greeting.

Just when I feared that there were no tomboys left in Las Piernas, a little girl came trundling up the steps carrying a sword, a black buccaneer's hat perched atop her head.

"You're a pirate!" I said.

"I'm a pirate captain!" she corrected.

I gave her six times as much candy as the usual ration, and told her to be sure to thank her parents for me.

~Jan Burke, Sweet Dreams, Irene


Holmes/Watson rainbow banner by bluelarkspur



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