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My Sherlock Holmes work masterlist

My Sherlock Holmes fanwork contributions - mainly slash, but some gen. Fic, art, vids, etc. Hope you enjoy, and do feel free to lob any suggestions for stuff you'd like to see in my direction.

Last updated - 11th July 2010. Added Watson - Lost in Translation to Artwork (Gen).

All work is rated PG unless otherwise stated. This list uses the BBFC rating system:

U - Universal: suitable for all ages
PG - Parental Guidance
12 - Suitable for ages 12+
15 - Suitable for ages 15+
18 - Suitable for ages 18+

All links to work are listed in reverse order, so the latest additions are now at the top of each section.

Click on the links below to be taken directly to the relevant subsections.








Watson - Lost in Translation
The pitfalls of British English. Crack!pic.

Naarmamo post
Includes a Murray, and 2 x Watson + Murray. [U]

Colonel Moran and...Balloons
Friday Fives crack!pic. [U]

Watson - Military Photograph Mk. I
Does what it says on the tin. Photomanip. [U]
[Watson: Military Photograph Mk. II can be seen in the header image for jezail_bullet ]



Granada/Russian/BBC Holmes, Guy Ritchie film posters.



FICTION [archived at jezail_bullet ]

British Bulldog
Watson/Murray [implied slash] [U]

Scraps of Tin - Part One
Watson/Murray [WIP] [15]



British Bulldog - Illustration
Watson has acquired a new service revolver. Murray is distinctly unimpressed. [U]

Watson/Murray - snuggle
Cuddling in the supplies tent. [U]

Watson/Murray - 'Tache!Slash cartoon
This was originally a rather daft one-off piece of crack!art, but a few people have said they'd like to see a continuation of it. So, I am currently drafting out further parts, and will be posting them on my LJ soon.

Holmes/Watson - post-SPEC crack!pic
Ah, this one might take some's an illustration of a couple of my answers to an old Friday Fives challenge on The Speckled Band. [Partial nudity]

Holmes/Watson - Army uniform
Watson in his old military surgeon's kit plus a rather satisfied Holmes. And a Big Bearskin Rug.

Holmes/Watson - bed/cuddle First slashpic, not brilliant. Don't let this put you off. The technical standards do improve slightly from here. [U]



Holmes/Watson - The Soldiering Life [U]



H/W icons
Photoshopped from that sketch on The Peter Serafinowicz Show.



Answers to the weekly challenge from the Holmesslash yahoo group

Fives - 29/02/08 [15 for very graphic lyrics of a very dirty song]
Fives - 18/01/08
Fives - 30/11/07
Fives - Patchwork [Lots of old ones that weren't posted to LJ the first time round]
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