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Jones 593
04 June 2013 @ 12:07 am
...is currently a toss-up between




I am not really possessed of the patriotic gene, in general, but on those brief occasions when it twitches into life, stuff like this is exactly what makes one proud to be British, damnit. XD

Incidentally, whilst we're on the subject...

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Jones 593
12 March 2011 @ 04:03 pm
Italy, though losing, are: within 2 points of France, <10 minutes to go, the defence has been fierce, and Bergamasco has apparently remembered how to kick.

Bloody hellfire, Italy. I was cheering you on in a sort of general support-the-underdog way (and because of Castrogiovanni being a Leicester Tigers lad), but still expecting you to be completely pasted. Almost wishing I'd stuck a bet on for you winning now... ;)


EDIT 2 - UNBELIEVABLE. THEY ACTUALLY WON. XD The team languishing at the bottom of the table just beat last year's Grand Slam winners.

Jones 593
23 February 2011 @ 04:13 pm

Nicholas Courtney passed away peacefully aged 81.

God rest you, sir. You did a damned fine job.
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Jones 593
So, not only has the flat been really sodding cold thanks to malfunctioning boiler for the past three months, tonight I was alerted to something odd by Sabre, who was staring into the kitchen in finest "on point" mode. (Well, I say "alerted": I muttered something indulgent about him being a silly bugger, hopped over to the kitchen door, and then swore loudly.)

What I'd assumed was the noise of rain spattering on the corrugated plastic roof of the lean-to outside was in fact water pouring through the ceiling in two different places - one of which is directly through the kitchen light fitting.

I deposited saucepans and bins and jugs at strategic locations, and shouted up the stairs for TenantUpstairs, assuming he'd left his bath running or similar. After he'd done some poking around in his flat, turns out we actually have a good old-fashioned water leak from t'pipes, which has started up top in his flat and decided to drop into mine for tea and biscuits. I am now very damp and soaked in patches from crawling about on the floor trying to catch Leak #1, passing back and forth under Leak #1, being sprayed by Leak #2 (perfectly positioned as it is to stream merrily down the kitchen window glass, and deflect off the surface in a graceful spurt), and thrashing about in floor-level cupboards like a salmon whilst attempting to locate and turn off the stopcock.*

It's like bleeding Das Boot in here!

Water is slowing (and has now almost stopped) since I shut off the stopcock. TenantUpstairs rang landlord. Apparently someone is coming out tomorrow.

This still leaves us with NO WATER till tomorrow (with the exception of the considerable amount splattered around our respective kitchens).

I'm going to fill the kettle (for washing and tea purposes) from whatever extent of puddle might be left in the tank, and the garage next door is 24-hours, so extortionately-priced bottled water is still available to me should I find myself suddenly dehydrating. Managed to save my potted herb plants: I felt like Leon as I hauled the basil off the windowsill and pushed it to safety on the shelf.

:contemplates wringing out jeans into kettle:


:wanders off attempting to tidy up for plumber coming tomorrow:

* A WORD FROM OUR SPONSORS: Said location and manipulation of stopcock was made possible by the all-round marvellous derien , without whose gift last year of a wind-up electric torch I would still be flailing blindly and soggily in the dark. ;)
Jones 593
22 November 2010 @ 03:41 pm
I bloody love Hadley Freeman. When reading her column, I am frequently assailed by the desire to turn up at Grauniad HQ, ambush her outside the lifts, and whisk her off somewhere to treat her to tea, cakes and the finest wines available to humanity.

I've just bought a pink T-shirt but I'm worried it might make me look a bit, ahem, gay and give off the wrong signals. What do you think? - Name withheld

You know, I really gotta hand it to homophobes: they sure do think they're hot. The rest of us, I feel, go through life thinking that maybe we'll catch a few friendly glances coming our way. Homophobes, on the other hand, seem to believe that they are so irresistibly attractive that every gay person of their gender wants to jump their bones, given half an opportunity and a public toilet for privacy. Maybe it's because these homophobes get so few offers from the people they do want to attract that they assume theirs is a face that appeals more to the other side, so to speak.

There was a simply marvellous quote in a New York Times piece recently about whether gays should be allowed to be open about their sexuality in the military issue, or whether America should continue to deny a group of people a basic human right and instead make them feel ashamed of themselves by suggesting there is something perverted about them when they are giving up their lives to defend their country. But I digress. The reporter spoke to one soldier who said that no, he didn't want gays in the military because he was worried about being "approached". That this young man, as he conceded, had never been "approached" in his life – by a man or woman, one suspects – did not lessen his concern. After all, he was just so hot, despite his eyes being – one imagines – ever so slightly too close together.

Name withheld, I'm guessing these are the, ahem, signals you are, ahem, fearing. Well let me assure you: that you are even worrying about looking, ahem, gay, proves that you have neither the wit, nor intelligence, nor style to accomplish such a feat. Look gay? You wish.

 - 'Ask Hadley', Guardian, 21/11/2010
Jones 593
02 August 2010 @ 11:14 pm
*flail*flail*flail*flail*flail*too much to get DONE*maybe a couple of hours' kip wouldn't hurt*

Two hours' sleep last night, and I'm bloody knackered; thought just taking a pic would be quick-and-easy, and mean I was tucked up in bed with the cat sprawling on me by now. Apparently not. :P

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Jones 593
01 August 2010 @ 11:27 pm
So, Day 1 of NAARMAMO, and I had no idea what to do. I was, to paraphrase Edmund Blackadder, more stuck than Sticky the Stick Insect when he got stuck on a sticky bun, and hoping I could somehow make a better show of it than last year's rather less-than-impressive total of four drawings...

...and I still need a bloody scanner. :P

However. After an hour spent scribbling aimlessly on the pad...upon rereading today's post in naarmamo , I saw once more someone's rather lovely painting of a camel I had earlier admired: and lo, I instantly declared it CAMEL TIEM.

So, here we go. Freehand, with a screenshot from The Four Feathers used for reference, photographed to the best of mine and a wheezy, vampirically battery-draining camera's ability...soldierboyo on camel. (I know I have repeatedly bitched about the inclusion of red coats in The Four Feathers, but if they can operate entirely on Rule Of Pretty, then so can I.)

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Jones 593
06 May 2010 @ 10:41 pm
...but it expresses my feelings most eloquently. [Original sketch here.]

"On May Day '97
The Tory junta fell -
A great night for the people!
And the morning after - hmm, well..."
~ Robb Johnson, Not A Bad Week for the People

Which is why the fact it's such a close-run race (and may result in the HUNG PARLIAMENT OF DOOM) qualifies as a vaguely optimistic state of affairs... Went and voted. Had been considering a tactical vote for the Liberal Democrats, but personal conscience and principle and having clocked up over a decade in the Socialist Party won out, so my cross was scrawled firmly beside the candidate for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (a.k.a. my mate Steve).

C'mon, then. Hung parliament? Bring it on, you bastards. Has to be better than going back to the dark days of Tory majority:

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Jones 593
08 April 2010 @ 11:04 pm
Archiving an offering I made for the help_haiti auction: 25 LJ icons. These were purchased by spiletta42 , who very kindly said they did not mind if the icons were shareable. Thank you for that, and again for the donation! :D


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Jones 593
17 January 2010 @ 01:05 pm
Have donated to Médecins Sans Frontières, and signed up for the graphics and fic auctions for help_haiti .
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